Rome Mod Rocker Snowboard 2013 – 153

By on August 5, 2013

Rome Mod Rocker Snowboard 2013 - 153

Rome Mod Rocker 153CM 2013 Our Price $550 with free shipping The Rome Mod Rocker is the board for the rider who doesn&39;t want to be limited to sliding around on rails and boxes. Don&39;t get us wrong you can still get your presses going but it will usually be after a day of pow lines, groomers, and head high booters. The Rome Mod Rocker is loaded with the innovative tech that the snowboard design syndicate is known for. Hot Rods on both sides of the centerline, for maximum power distribution to the nose and tail for a great combo of longitudinal and torsional pop max out your ollies and nollies. The Quick Rip sidecut gives you a shorter quicker feel at slower speeds and longer faster more stable feel when you are hauling. This innovative geometry also give you better grip on icy conditions at higher speeds. Kevlar under the bindings? Oh yeah protect the sweet spot in your boards reduce chatter and increases pop. A sintered carbon base for super speed and a super light biax laminate glass and Rome&39;s Airpop Core Matrix.


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